Women's Self-Defense Course

8 week self-defense course for Ladies Ages 12 & up.
Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7:15pm - 8:30pm
Beginning January 11, 2017 and Ending March 1, 2017

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This course is

There are many opinions that question the effectiveness of a self-defense course as opposed to studying a martial art. Of course, the more you know and practice something the better. However, there are many studies, not opinions, that show that even a little knowledge in self-defense can deter an attacker and give the woman an air of self-confidence that may even prevent an attack.

This course is designed to introduce and equip students with some basic techniques that may be useful in a self-defense situation. All of the skills learned can be performed by women of all ages and physical abilities. The techniques are designed to be simple and easy to learn and remember. We will be addressing specific attack and defense situations and develop the skills to counter them.

Learn to defend yourself BEFORE you are attacked