SWPA Judo Instructors

Our instructors are the husband and wife team of Robert and Pamela Russell. They have lived in Greene County for over 20 years and currently reside in Carmichaels. SWPA Judo opened in 2008 so that they could share their love of judo with their community. They feel that the many aspects of judo training has much to offer their students both on and off the mat. SWPA Judo is their way of giving back to Judo and their Community.

Pamela Russell


Mrs. Russell is a Greene County native and grew up in Carmichaels. She was introduced to judo through the WVU Judo Club in 1992 and soon found her way to Grand Master Kyu Ha Kim (9th degree black belt) of Kim's Martial Arts in Brentwood and has been studying under him ever since. She began teaching judo after obtaining the rank of ShoDan (1st degree black belt) under Grand Master Kim over 15 years ago.
Mrs. Russell currently holds the rank of Yo Dan (4th degree black belt) and is a Nationally Certified Instructor for both able-bodied and visually impared students. She is a National Level Referee and has placed in numerous State, Regional, National and International competitions in both Kata (forms) and Shiai (free fighting).
In 2008 she and her kata partner, Sarah Tarbox, represented the United States at the Pan-American Championships in Nage No Kata (4th place).
In 2009 Mrs. Russell recived 2nd place at the World Masters (shiai) and Pan-American Masters (newaza) competitions.

Robert Russell


Mr. Russell holds the rank of San Dan (3rd degree black belt) and began studying judo in 1996 with Grand Master Kyu Ha Kim (9th degree black belt) of Kim's Martial Arts in Brentwood. Mr. Russell has placed at numerous State and Regional level competitions and has competed at the National level.